A Discussion On The Subject Of The Psychology Of Asking A Donor To Give


Feb 10 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Grabbing a donor’s attention is the very first psychological step that a supporter takes during a potentially lifelong journey that they take themselves as alumnae/i, their children and/or grandchildren’s independent school

To give money, people need to then be satisfied with the ways the school treats them as supporters. They need to commit to supporting the school in such a way that the commitment itself is meaningful to them as individuals.

The psychological transformation from paying attention to giving money is the process of integrating the school from the external world into one’s most inner sense of who they are. This session will focus on how to achieve and build trust in the mind of a prospective or entry level donor, that will lead to a journey of interest, connectivity, and support of a life-long donor.

Learning Objectives

• Help new fundraisers to understand the process of a successful call. This includes heads of school and senior administrators, as well as advancement professionals
• Showcase the content of a successful call , which is to serve the needs of the donor first, through active listening and empathy.  Samples submitted by participants will be used to illustrate the points
• Remove all fear of making a donor call and/or visit and to have the confidence and education to move the individual, foundation board or corporation from being prospect to a life-long donor.