Alumni Session 2 Virtual Alumni Reunions: Here to stay?


Feb 11 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


How do you shift an event – that traditionally relies on a nostalgic return to campus – to a virtual platform?

Join in an open and honest conversation about how Pickering College moved its signature Reunion Weekend online. They will share the impact – good and bad – of making a virtual pivot, and the lessons learned as they moved from ‘reacting’ to the COVID-19 pandemic, to developing meaningful virtual experiences for their alumni. This session will explore the significance of adjusting alumni engagement tactics to maximize your resources and efforts, remain true to your event purpose, and best navigate the uncertainties that lay ahead.

Learning Objectives

• Discover tips and key learnings from moving a signature in-person event to a virtual platform.
• Explore ways you can leverage virtual reunions to deepen relationships with alumni year-round.
• How to plan for alternative event options and shift your strategies as you navigate real-world changes.