Breaking with Tradition: How Saint Mary’s University Pivoted to Successful Virtual Events – Session 1


Jun 17 2021


2:30 pm - 3:00 pm


At Saint Mary’s University, with our diverse student body and relatively small physical campus, we truly represent “one world in one city block”. Traditionally, events such as Convocations and Town Halls would be held on campus and in-person and helped promote the special sense of community Saint Mary’s is known for. However, over the past year, we’ve moved away from tradition, opening our minds to find new and creative ways to pivot during unprecedented times. Through this session, we will reveal how we’ve successfully moved these events online while still encouraging a sense of community, resulting in greater reach, engagement, connection, transparency and accessibility.

Learning Objectives

  • Finding new and creative ways to engage our community and stakeholders through virtual means
  • Reimagining large, traditional events in a way that includes community members around the world
  • Expanding our reach and engagement by holding these events virtually