Building Relationships Through Research Storytelling


May 25 2021


2:30 pm


Based on a study of research storytelling, this session explores how storytellers can increase reputation, improve affinity and build relationships through telling the story of research. Communicators, fundraisers, and alumni officers are all storytellers, and this session looks at; tactics for building the character of the institutions, the researchers and their research; strategies that can be used to appeal to a reader’s emotions; and how the style of an approach can enhance the impact of stories. While this session is based on findings from research storytelling at Canadian research-intensive institutions, learnings can be translated across disciplines, mediums, and institutions.

Learning Objectives

  • An understanding of specific tactics that can be incorporated to improve reputation, emotions, and impact of storytelling
  • Strategies on how to incorporate learnings into written and in-person storytelling opportunities
  • Tips on how to find and select stories to that will enhance relationships