Calling All Colleges – An Affinity Session for Community College Advancement Professionals


Jun 23 2021


2:30 pm


Some say, College Advancement is merely University Advancement with fewer zeros; well it isn’t, and it has unique challenges and opportunities. Challenges like, building affinity with students who are only campus for only 1-2 years before moving on and engaging alumni in campaign when participation rates hover under 1%.

This session is a calling to all college folks to connect and discuss college advancement. An open session with submitted topics for discussion. Topping it off would be a virtual business card and collateral swap to build connections beyond the conference.

Learning Objectives

  • Hold an open meaningful discussion on issues and realities of community College Advancement
  • Make peer connections from the College Advancement System that can continue post conference
  • Facilitate a collateral exchange or tools of the trade used by other organizations