Data in Annual Giving: Analyze, Segment, Personalize, Optimize, Repeat


May 27 2021


2:30 pm


Are you looking to tame the annual giving fundraising fury with a more data-driven approach and better data handling? The topic covers four elements of the annual giving data cycle and best practices in using donor data assets: from analysis, through segmentation and personalization, to better data leverage and automation. It provides the most impactful highlights of data usage in Annual Giving at McGill University Advancement, applied to various cohorts and throughout different solicitation channels and programs.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about techniques and tools to run a health check on your programs, identify gold nuggets, set the right goal and measure your performance.
  • Discover how to effectively segment your pool by using attributes that have predictive power and leverage personalization tricks for tailored donor experiences.
  • Find out how to maximize the use of data through the automation of repetitive business activities.


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