Excluded Voices; Alternate Narratives


Jun 10 2021


2:30 pm


The prevailing narrative about the charitable non/social-profit sector is one that centres goodness as its raison d’etre. At its core, organizations working in this space are trusted and afforded significant social capital for being vanguards in doing good work, performing good deeds; filling service gaps that deliver much needed support to marginalized and vulnerable populations. Outside of increased scrutiny on the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the sector, the picture painted and the singularity of the narrative of the sector’s inherent goodness is one rarely challenged and is widely accepted as the full picture of the sector’s truth. The 15 contributors (which includes 14 first-person accounts from Black fundraisers in Canada and the US) to the book Collecting Courage: Joy Pain Freedom Love paints another picture of a sector that, up until now, have been ignored and largely hidden.

In this session, the book’s co-editors, will share the importance of documenting and sharing these experiences and the urgent need for the sector, and power-possessing operatives within the sector, to listen, acknowledge and with intention, act to eliminate the harm and trauma endured by Black and brown fundraisers. It is in our shared interest to ensure equity, including racial equity, is embedded into the sector’s DNA.

Learning Objectives

  • Be empathetic, hear and understand the harm and trauma experienced by Black and brown fundraisers in the sector
  • Reflect on their personal experiences either as someone who negatively impacted by their experiences or as someone whose actions or inactions have contributed or caused and triggered harm to others
  • Determine and identify one or two things within their control and that they are prepared to take action in response to the experiences shared by their Black and brown colleagues in the sector



Attendees of this session will receive a free electronic copy of the book Collecting Courage: Joy Pain Freedom Love. If you are not attending the session and wish to purchase a copy of the book, contact admin@ccaecanada.org to benefit from a special CCAE rate.