How social, is too social? A panel on the governance, planning, and maintenance of institutional social media strategies


Feb 11 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


The term “social media” and its management presents broad strokes as it relates to Institutional Marketing and Communications strategies. Beyond paper and print, an institution’s identity exists online within websites, apps and message boards that never turn off. How are professionals handling around the clock messages and engagements within these channels? How are people determining what channels, audiences and metrics are helping to guide future strategies? This panel aims to provide insight on how Institutions are handling the various aspects of planning, committing to, and executing their social media strategies.

Learning Objectives

• Hear examples on how institutional Marketing and Communication strategies tie into its overall school communication strategies?
• Learn ways institutions are working to serve different audiences on the same social media channels.
• Hear examples of how institutions are working with students, faculties, and other units to amplify voices and messages.