Opening Panel Discussion: COVID-19, through challenges emerge Silver Linings


Feb 08 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


When the pandemic hit, many advancement leaders felt the weight of concerns of how to move forward with daily tasks & normal in-person processes. Staff were drastically affected with many finding themselves in new work from home scenarios, that left many feeling isolated professionally and personally.

However, over-coming the new state of the world has brought an intense amount of innovation. Beyond concerns of overwhelming alumni and families with valid sensitivities, advancement professionals took a hold of these challenges and provided more personal, more heartfelt and more authentic ways to connect that will last far into the future regardless of the growing virtual world.


• Managing staff, professionally and personally
• Pivoting from strategy to a sole focus on student support
• Advancement taking a side seat to preparations around family
• How innovations and new ideas are shaping the outcomes of connections through the pandemic
• How advancement teams faced the realities of COVID and making connections
• Providing assistance for families financially, technologically & personally
• Hard conversations. Are they being had openly? With staff? Behind closed doors?