Partnership, Trust, and Vision: The story of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine benefaction to the University of Toronto


Jun 22 2021


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Supported by Anthology

Join a conversation with Temerty Foundation leaders and University of Toronto beneficiaries about the story of the remarkable Temerty Faculty of Medicine benefaction. This panel discussion will look at the processes and factors that led from a first conversation on the vision for such a large and transformative gift, through successful negotiation and agreement, to an announcement during COVID, and now to a period of implementation and stewardship.

Learning Objectives
  • To review, from both the donor’s and the beneficiary’s perspectives, the factors that lead to decisions about the gift, its structure, the announcement strategy, and the early stages of the implementation and stewardship of the gift
  • To provide insights into successful processes and strategies for negotiating complex gifts and successfully securing support
  • To highlight best practices for establishing trust, transparency and open communication between donors and advancement professionals that authentically advance the conversation at each stage of the process