Recent Grad Refresh: Starting off on the right foot


Jun 10 2021


12:00 pm


Given the trend with the number of alumni donors declining among many post-secondary institutions, devoting resources and energy to welcoming new alumni and cultivating these philanthropic relationships is essential. Following consultation with recent grads, a refreshed strategy was developed to guide Advancement’s communications and engagement with this segment. Since putting this renewed plan in place, Carleton has seen an increase in the number of new donors and engagement rates, and a cultural shift in our approach to building these relationships. This session will offer a look into our lessons learned with practical tips you can take back to your organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the consultative process Carleton undertook to get feedback from recent grads and how this informed a refreshed approach with new alumni
  • Sharing lessons learned from implementing the refreshed strategy, including our tactics for onboarding and soliciting recent grads
  • Evaluating and measuring our success along the way