Reconciliation, diversity and a safe space for all


Feb 11 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


An education institution is meant to be a place of learning, growth and exploration and a campus must be a safe place for all, for its community to thrive. Creating said safe place, means Professionals have to engage in difficult conversations around inclusion, racism, and representation. Good intentions are simply not enough.

In this session, CCAE Board Vice Chair and Advancement Leader, Julie Davis will share personal reflections and learnings on the imperative and challenges of being a leader committed to creating a diverse team, advancing reconciliation, and combatting racism. Julie and her team are currently engaged in a significant effort to advance Trent University’s relationship with local indigenous communities, and to ensure that philanthropy and alumni relations engage diverse constituents effectively.

Learning Objectives

• Learn what challenges to anticipate in walking the road of reconciliation
• Hear how to engage in challenging conversations about race and identity
• Establish ways to increase your cultural competency and confidence