Tech Session 3 – So Much More Than A Zoom Call


Feb 10 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


At the CBU Alumni Office, we relied heavily on face-to-face and in-person events for the majority of our Alumni and donor engagement activity. As our department was staffing up to increase our Alumni engagement in preparation for the launch of a capital campaign, COVID-19 had other plans. This presentation will review how seemly simple Zoom calls allowed us to reach more Alumni in an even more meaningful way. We will share how talking about everything but the pandemic allowed for more authentic and genuine conversations and outcomes.

Learning Objectives

• Learn what CBU did when engagement events ended due to the pandemic and how one Zoom call turned into a new way of engaging
• Discover what CBU did and didn’t do while communicating
• Hear about how CBU made their relationships even stronger