The Fideliter Fund: The Mini-Campaign within the Campaign


Feb 09 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


It’s probably pretty accurate to write that most of us working in Advancement Departments of Canadian Independent Schools were a bit “unprepared” when COVID-19 forced many of us into “working from home” situations. With many changes taking place so quickly, many of us were hesitant to approach our donors and ask for a gift when a plethora of our supporters were worried about the state of their businesses and investments.

The KES Advancement Department looked hard at what the real needs of the School would be in the near future. The Advancement office turned its Annual Giving Campaign from raising funds for an 8 lane running track to soliciting immediate financial aid to allow current students the ability to return for the Fall of 2020. The goal was set and then exceeded through a series of formal asks, matching gifts, and brilliant communications to all constituents.

Learning Objectives:

• Being willing to change your campaign once it has started
• Being willing to move outside your comfort zone, “Fear of the Ask”
• Being willing to learn from what others have done well